Conference videos 2020

25 september 2020

International Solidarity and Relational Inequality

The video registration of our conference on International Solidarity and Relational Inequality in Amsterdam, 13 september 2020, is available.

Introduction – Joost Kircz, Marcel van der Linden

Real international solidarity, a solidarity which has visible positive effects, has often proved difficult to achieve.  Why do Northern workers frequently behave indifferently towards the misery of workers in the Global South? Socialists have been discussing these questions for a long time, across the world.

The Imperial Mode of Living: an Introduction – Ulrich Brand & Markus Wissen

The increase of productivity and material prosperity in the capitalist centres depends on a world resource system and international division of labour that favours the global North and is rendered invisible through the imperial mode of living, so that the domination and power relations it implies are normalized.

The imperial mode of living in the context of crisis – John Smith

How can value theory shed light on relational inequality? What is the relation between workers solidarity in the economic struggle, i.e. trade unionism, and working class internationalism in support of revolutionary struggles against imperialism?

Super-exploitation, uneven and combined development, and the imperial mode of living – Ben Selwyn

Is super-exploitation a phenomenon limited to the global South?

General discussion

General discussion on how to continue with the issue of the imperial mode of living and summary by Marcel van der Linden and closing remarks by Joost Kircz.

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