Video registrations of the conference on Historicizing the Imperial Mode of Living

8 oktober 2021

The video registrations of the conference on Historicizing the Imperial Mode of Living are available. The conference took place in Amsterdam on 3 and 4 september 2021 as a collaboration of SOC21 and the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

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Introduction – History of the Imperial Mode of Living with Marcel van der Linden, comments by Nora Räthzel

The central question I want to discuss is whether, and if so, to what extent wage
earners (understood here in a very broad sense) in the advanced capitalist countries (also
referred to here as ’the North’) benefit from unequal ecological exchange and exploitative
living and working conditions of producers and service providers in the poorer parts of the
world (here also referred to as “the South”). In other words, it is about relational inequality.

The Imperial Mode of Living and the Global South with Stefan Schmalz, Ngai-Ling Sum and Sabrina Fernandes

Three perspectives from the Global South: Analytical issues, China and Latin America

The Rise and Crisis of Fordism and the Imperial Mode of Living with Bob Jessop and Michael Brie

The reproduction of the northern working class has benefitted not only from the institutionalized class compromises of class struggle in the global North itself but also from the possibility of accessing nature and labour-power on a global scale and externalizing the socio-ecological costs of resource- and energy intensive patterns of production and consumption – a possibility that has been safeguarded by an imperialist world order.

The Imperial Mode of Living and the Present Global Situation with Ulrich Brand, Markus Wissen, Christa Wichterich and Torkil Lauesen

What can we do today to make living in society, work, social institutions and infrastructures, democracy and the relationship between society and nature sustainably future-proof? How can the opening of society, which has suddenly made the hitherto unthinkable possible, be used to struggle for a more just, more democratic society, but especially for a society that also enables future generations to have a fulfilling life on our planet?

Contours of a common Imperial Mode of Living research agenda with Nora Räthzel

Nora Räthzel summarizes the debates and indicates directions for a research agenda, followed by a general discussion.

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