BIG TECH – third series of Crash Course

15 april 2021

Coming up from our friends at Crash Course:
Crash Course on Big Tech, techno-feudalism and democracy:

The rise of Technoscientific Capitalism.
In this first Crash Course episode of the series on Big Tech, Techno-feudalism and Democracy, Crash Course will take a birds eye view of the issues before we dive into more specific issues in the episodes to come. To do this, we have invited York University professor Kean Birch, specialised in Big Tech and emerging forms of digital rentiership.
Apr 22 2021 16:00 CET
Kean Birch (York University)

About this series:
Crash Course on
Big Tech, techno-feudalism and democracy
In this third Crash Course series we turn to one of the biggest winners of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Big Tech. These increasingly powerful and financialized firms routinely represent themselves as ‘innovators‘ and ‘problem solvers‘ and self-proclaimed forces for good by connecting ‘users’ worldwide. But are the solutions provided by Big Tech as good as they contend? What does the rise of Big Tech entail for the sovereignty of countries in the Global South? How can we organize democratic control as capitalism moves into an unknown socio-technological phase? And how might we embrace technology as a force for good?

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