We are proud to announce the third issue of the journal Marxism&Sciences

25 februari 2023

Volume 2 Issue 1 Winter 2023

In our project, Marxism and Science & Technology we use the historical materialist outlook as a starting point, but want to dig deeper. Following critically Marx and Engels and their hope for a scientific socialism, we want to better understand the intricacies of models and theories and their applicability and capacity for forecasting. A central feature is a critical analysis of the highly abstract and mathematical theories of the natural sciences, their contingencies and successes. You can find the project here on this web site.

SOC21 closely collaborates with the journal Marxism & Sciences to foster international discussions and research on the furthering of Marxism.
You can check the contents of Volume 1 issue 1 and 2 as well as a list of papers in press at marxismandsciences.org

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Marxism&Sciences: A journal of Nature, Culture, Human and Society

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Publication date 19 february 2023

Volume 2 Issue 1, Winter 2023


M&S and Ilyenkovian Contributions


Foundations of Marxism and Ilyenkovian Contributions: “The Ambulance of Theory Arrived on the Scene Much Too Late”  Siyaveş Azeri


Time=Money: The Notion of the Ideal Applied to Physics Joost Kircz

A Theory and Practice of Cognition for Our Time: Building on Ilyenkov’s Dialectical Logic Corinna Lotz

Marxism, from Ideology to Science: Evald Ilyenkov and His Contribution to Marxist Thought Alexander Surmava

Ideology, False Consciousness, and Beyond: The Marxian Critique of Ideation Jarek Paul Ervin

Production Beyond Instrumentality: Marx’s Capital and Ilyenkov’s Methodological Explanation  Nikolaos Folinas

Homo Datum and Socialized Cybernetics: Emerging Contours of the Latest Phase of Capitalism  Arto Artinian


Rethinking the Foundations of Marxism Today & Ilyenkovian Contributions Vladislav Lektorsky, Katarina Kolozova, Hans-Peter Krüger, Glenn Rikowski, Andy Blunden


From Object to Meaning: The Circle Burhan Yılmaz

Bastard Homosapiens or Universal Emancipation? An Evening with Evald Ilyenkov Dennis Schnieber

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